Performances by Melvyn Tan


6 December: Melvyn Tan piano. Shoreditch Church London, Spitalfields Music. Complete Variations, plus premiere of Rolf Hind ‘Zum Sterben, zu Ruh’. Commissioned by Spitalfields Music for Judith Serota.


Music in the Round Tour. Melvyn included selected Variations for Judith plus his commissions of difficult and longer variations by Julian Grant, Aaron Holloway Nahum, Simon Rowland Jones and Toby Young.

20 January: Melvyn Tan piano. Sheffield Crucible, with masterclass for  young students and amateur pianists.

8 March: Melvyn Tan piano. The Stables, Milton Keynes.

27 April: Melvyn Tan piano. The Guildhall, Portsmouth.

29 April: Melvyn Tan piano. Wiltshire Music Centre, with masterclasses for amateur pianists.


Premiere and UK tours, including masterclasses.

18 June: Melvyn Tan piano. Spitalfields Festival. Complete Variations (World Premiere).

8 July: Melvyn Tan piano. Cheltenham Festival. Complete Variations.

15 July: Melvyn Tan piano. St Albans International Organ Festival. Complete Variations.

25 July: Melvyn Tan piano. Harrogate Festival. Complete Variations.

Other pianists performing Variations for Judith complete or excerpts.


18-20 January: Dan Harding piano. #SPARKhk2019 Hong Kong. A British Council event. ‘Cellular Dynamics’.

20 March: Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser piano. Trinity Laban, London

Summer schools : CoMA, Summer School for Pianists and some London Piano Circle private events.


5 June: Dan Harding piano. Cheltenham Science Festival. ‘Cellular Dynamics’.

14-30 June: Dan Harding piano. Herne Bay. ‘Cellular Dynamics’.

16 June: Christopher Guild, pupils and headteacher, Emma Hattersley piano. Godolphin School, Salisbury. Complete Variations.

22 October: Dan Harding piano. The Octagon, Norwich Science Festival. ‘Cellular Dynamics’.


20 October: Dan Harding piano. Colyer-Fergusson Hall, University of Kent, Canterbury. ‘Cellular Dynamics’ premiere.


19 July: Mahan Esfahani harpsichord. Wigmore Hall, London. ‘Little Elegy’ as encore.

11 August: Michael Finnissy piano. CoMA Summer School, Doncaster. ‘Little Elegy’.


18 February to 4 March: Dan Harding piano. Colyer-Fergusson Building, University of Kent. Complete Variations.

24 August: Adam Swayne piano with the Riot Ensemble. Breathe, Arts & Health, Guy’s Hospital Atrium 3, London. Complete Variations.


31 January to 2 February:Young pianists of the New England Conservatory Preparatory School, USA, directed by Rodney Lister. Complete Variations. (Judith Weir as Composer in Residence.)

5 February: Christopher Guild piano. Breathe, Arts & Health, Guy’s Hospital Atrium 3, London. Complete Variations

9 December: Frances Wilson piano. Scientific Museum, Bushy Park, Middlesex.